Předmět je určen k rozšíření právních kompetencí v oblasti mezinárodního práva. Výuka v kurzu je očekávána jako interaktivní s aktivní účastí studentů ke každému tématu. V rámci výuky budou představeny základní instituty mezinárodního práva a instituce mezinárodního práva.


The Course shall provide students with more advanced knowledge of the Law of the European Union that would be related to specific policies of the EU. The course is based on the presumption that students already passed the basic course of EU Law in Bachelor decree and therefore they are expected to be familiar with the principles of EU Law.

The Course shall provide students with an elementary knowledge of the Law of the European Union and fulfil by that their general knowledge on EU that they have acquired in the previous course of the BC. programme. The course expects students to know the history, development and institutional system of the EU and will be focused solely on the legal matters.

The Course is aimed to provide students with basic knowledge on Law as a normative system of behaviour. The course shall be held as interactive with the full participation of students on each topic. As the course is held in English it shall be more general and comparative then directed only to Czech Legal system.  However the Czech legal system will be taught in outlines.

Students will be required to prepare themselves for each session by reading selected texts and preparation of answers on questions submitted for each session. List of the text will be available in the library and on the web page www.vyukaprava.cz.

Assignments as well other information will be published on www.vyukaprava.cz, where students are required to register.